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El Campanario, winner for the second consecutive year of “Best Gardens Award” on the Costa del Sol, has seen its luxurious properties hunted down by international investors. Indeed, the economic crisis plunged Marbella Property developers and owners into bankruptcy and negative equity. Nevertheless, the newly found investors areassisting in the coming-back of Marbella’s real estate and tourist activity leaving just a hand full of bargains to snatch. Thus the Key word is “hurry”, to El Campanario and its neighbouring Puerto Banus properties.

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Marbella PropertyAs reforms continue to be undertaken Spain is gradually pulling itself up from the rubble. The new Golden Visa, low labour costs and eased borrowing rates are drawing investors such as Bill Gates who bought €113.5 million worth of shares in Barcelona-based FCC. Meanwhile on the sunny southern coast, shrewd expats and other deal-seeking entrepreneurs make a run for the Marbella property Market by securing investments in Nueva Andalucia villas and apartments.

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Para Español pinche aqui

In order to fall in line with the European regulations, Spain has approved a new law regarding Energy efficiency certificates for homes across Spain.

Aqua Estates would like to inform you about this new law which has been recently approved by the Spanish Government. The law “Real Decreto del 5 de Abril 235/2013″ has approved a procedure to conduct energy efficiency certification on every property within the Spanish territory.

The law “Real Decreto 235/2013″, states that all property owners that have their property currently for sale or for long term let (more than 4 months), whether privately or through a real estate agency, have the obligation to facilitate an energy efficiency certificate to any potential buyer or tenant so that these are able to compare the energy efficiency levels with other properties on the market.

This is obligatory for all properties within the Spanish Territory starting 1st June 2013 and all property owners advertising their property without holding this certification will be in breach of the law and will be subject to a sizeable economic penalty. In addition to this, any Real Estate agency advertising the property will be penalised as well if the energy certificate is not available upon client request, and it must be shown in any marketing of the property (window cards, website, magazines, etc), showing the energy rating from A to G.

An additional objective of this certificate is to quantify the levels of Co2 emissions in residential areas and this way help the government adopt the right measures with the aim of reducing these and improving the energy efficiency output of all properties.

If you are a selling or renting your property in Spain, we can assist you as we are doing for our clients, we propose you two simple ways of getting your energy certificate:

1. We can put you in direct contact with our recommended qualified technical engineer, this is of course free of charge and you can liaise directly with them. Once you receive the certificate simply send us a copy and we can add it to your listing.

2. We can manage the whole process for you for a small fee, this includes liaising with the technical engineer and taking them to the property, as well as collecting the original certificates and any other requirements to complete this process.

In case you have any questions or doubts, we will be more than happy to assist you, please feel free to contact us!

Links: Full Royal Decree 235/2013 (only in Spanish)

Certificados de Energia – Nueva Ley


Aqua Estates quiere informarle sobre la nueva ley que ha sido aprobado recientemente por el Gobierno español. La ley “Real Decreto del 5 de Abril 235/2013″ ha aprobado un procedimiento para llevar a cabo la certificación de eficiencia energética de todos los bienes inmuebles dentro del territorio español.

La ley “Real Decreto 235/2013″, establece que todos los propietarios que tengan su vivienda actualmente en venta o en alquiler a largo plazo (más de 4 meses), ya sea en privado o a través de una agencia inmobiliaria, tiene la obligación de facilitar un certificado de eficiencia energética a cualquier posible comprador o arrendatario para que ellos puedan comparar los niveles de eficiencia energética con otras propiedades en el mercado.

Esto es obligatorio para todas las propiedades ubicadas dentro del territorio español a partir del 1 junio de 2013 y todos los propietarios que comercialicen sus propiedades sin estar en posesión de esta certificación estarán en violación del “Real Decreto 235/2013″ y estarán sujetos a una multa económica. Además de esto, cualquier agencia inmobiliaria que comercialice un inmueble será penalizado si el certificado de eficiencia energética no estuviera disponible en caso de que un cliente lo pidiera, y deberá estar claramente indicado en cualquier medio de comercialización de la propiedad (dossier informativo, sitios web, revistas, etc), en formato de etiqueta la cual mostrará la calificación energética de A a G.

Este certificado incluirá una evaluación objetiva con respecto a la eficiencia energética de la vivienda, cuyo coste sera en base a la superficie útil de la vivienda.

Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes y a cualquier interesado las siguientes opciones:

1. Podemos ponerle en contacto directo con uno de nuestros ingenieros técnicos cualificados, por supuesto la recomendación será de forma gratuita y así podrán hacer las gestiones necesarias directamente con ellos. Una vez que reciba el certificado, simplemente envíenos una copia para que la podamos añadir a su ficha.

2. Podemos gestionar todo el proceso de obtencion del certificado para usted por un coste adicional, lo que incluye la gestión directa con el ingeniero técnico , llevarles a la propiedad, supervisar la inspección así como la recogida de los certificados originales y cualquier otro requisito que fuera necesario para completar este proceso.

En caso de tener alguna pregunta o duda, estaremos más que encantados de ayudarle y no dude en contactar con nosotros!

Puede consultar el Real Decreto 235/2013 pinchando aqui.

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An interesting article was posted Morgan Stanley last month regarding the spanish economy. They stated that “strategy advisers have highlighted Spain as one of the potential surprises in 2013, along other peripheral euro country members”

On conclusion of their study they determined that Spain benefits from a strong ranking in the technicals and earnings categories of the model, coming second behind Switzerland.

Experts in the banking industry stated that estimates on profits have improved in Europe considerably and suggests it will not lose any more ground in the short and medium term. Based on the assets’ behaviour in november 2012, Morgan Stanley experts said that Europe has now overtaken the US.

Spain achieved its best marks since the 3rd quarter of 2009 and has been upgraded on economy rankings to the second position.

This is great news for those currently taking advantage of the very reduced prices being offered here on the Costa del Sol and the Marbella area, for some great deals in property in Marbella including bank repossessions, distressed sales and great bargains contact Aqua Estates now!

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